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Purple Angeline Tumble stone (25-30mm) Single

  • £20.00

Accentuating the optimistic aspect, Purple Angeline is Amethyst, Cacoxenite & Smokey Quartz releases limitations as well as, inhibitions. If you have apparently insuperable problems, consider this stone. Cacoxenite opens the mind to get some new ideas, and complements personal will with the higher-self. This gemstone increases the control of full-or new-moon rites, particularly when set in silver. Cacoxenite typically resides in Quartz and Amethyst and displays as Golden tufts or Rutile as inclusions. Cacoxenite is an awaken-er, as it assists the individual into the immeasurable ground of intelligence that connects with all creation, and in this awakened state issues are no longer exist, and there are only solutions and progressive ways of generating harmony on the Earth.

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